• Representing Jake’s illustration, concept art, and game/animation skills. Below, is the 2015 comic book Emaciated Spiritualist Sits on A Cube.

  • All pages are mixed media paintings. Completed within a span of two months. 2015.


  • All work for Tsar-Dom is mixed media and was completed within the course of one month.


  • This is a collection of current work that Jake has been pursuing for his PC game, Calling Trumpette. It is both funny and serious, cultivating an essence of literal and metaphorical introspection through a political lens. It takes place inside of the lower left artery of Donald Trump. You play as a nano-bot that is cultivating minerals and changing his DNA. No political stance is directly stated, Nor does Jake take a political stance. This work should be interpreted at a subjective level.

Initial game design map.

Initial game design map.

3D Model of the Trumpette Macrophage cell. Viewed in-game from the back.

L-5 The Train

  • A thirty second clip of a 3D animation. This video is set in the future, with a train entering its terminal in a world after the great melt. In the year 2146, both the people and its infrastructure have changed as they’ve had to adapt to an underwater world.

Press play and view the short clip.

Design sketch for the trains front engine. Inspired by 1600’s British warships.

Design sketch for the trains front engine. Inspired by 1600’s British warships.

Design sketch, alternative front engine iteration.

Design sketch, alternative front engine iteration.


  • This is a hypothetical future currency created for the year 2146. The currency coincides with the underwater world I depicted in my mag-lev train station above. Coins and cards are 3D modeled with elements of hand drawn textures (i.e. the eye in the middle of the cards, or the Madonna on the note etc…)


  • This additional content from 2007-2009 highlights his training within the fine arts. It shows Jake’s passion for drawing, concept creation, and painting.