We hope you are enjoying this new site! Jakes blogger account (old website) can now be viewed through its default address- www.jakeadamsart.blogspot.com. It won't be used for the same purpose however, Jake Adams plans on making it a process based blog, so viewers can comment on work or just look at crazy painting pictures.

    If you are interested in realism, check out Jakes older work before he made his transition into the painted forms he creates today. Most of the realistic pieces or PAST WORK can be accessed here. Below is another website he previously used for realistic work. http://www.jakeadams.carbonmade.com

Mixed media, on canvas, 2013.

   Jake Adams graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art. From which he earned a bachelors in painting, concentrating in art history and philosophy, amongst other crafts.

To the right: is a collection of odd perspective photographs that include parts of a piece that Jake created in 2012. --Mixed media, 10' x 10'.

Jake Adams : Visual Artist

   Colors are Jakes prized possession. Or he at least wishes they were possessions... But yet maybe they are, to all of us. He is constantly scanning for new ones. Unfortunately, we are only human. Unlike mantis shrimp whom have 18 retinal cones within their eyes, we can only see a pitiful 5 cone light spectrum. Nonetheless Jake is thankful for the human eye ball.

   Jake Adams is an international artist currently based in Rochester, NY. He has lived and worked in Baltimore, MD, Monte Costello, Italy, and Beacon, NY (Hudson valley). while in Beacon he worked as an assistant to  Michael Zelehoski and Ethan Cohan. He also occupied a job at the DIA: Beacon art museum where he relished in the vast quantities of minimalism while standing as gallery attendant. He is currently raising money to continue his ongoing projects, in the hopes that he will soon be able to achieve a masters degree and travel to Sweden. The Sweden project is a long term goal. In raising money to travel to Sweden he hopes to view the oldest and most meticulous records of single individuals. It highlights the day to day lives within a small village. These records span a 1,000 year period. Jake hopes to be able to access these records and create visual portraits of consciousness governed by the past, but framed by the present. It is this simple swap from present to past that interests him, Along with the deep introspective history that took place along those evolutionary years. It is the most definitive relationship of past and present outside of oneself.